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Silestone offers a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty. Silestone is the largest engineered stone brand globally. Made from 94% natural quartz, 6% resin.

The surface was developed in Spain in 1990 and created a unique decorative offering for today’s kitchens and bathrooms in a range of attractive colors and textures. It is the only Engineered stone featuring bacteriostatic protection, which guarantees maximum hygiene through the use of Silver particle technology. Silestone offers jumbo size slabs of 3.2m x 1.6m allowing fewer joins which again is unique to Silestone.

We have been a foundation member of the DSN Network since first starting representing the solid surface market. We aim to evolve as a brand by offering something unique to the DSN network and continually working on new colors and textures, which will attract both architects and designers.

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Live the authentic life, live your life with Silestone.

Silestone Suede


Silestone reinvents the touch of your worktop with suede.

The new extramatt finish of Silestone enhances work surfaces thanks to its soft velvety texture which is both pleasing to the eye and hand. The new suede finish is launched to provide intense color and high performance against stains and marks.

Suede is something that offers something for all our senses due to its revolutionary texture. Suede is available in 8 different colors and a 20mm thickness.

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