Name: Mike Hutchenson
From: New Zealand
Industry: Business

Mike has co-founded a number of companies in New Zealand including leading advertising agencies and culminated his career in Auckland as Managing Director of Saatchi & Saatchi.

He set up the Lighthouse Ideas Company in 2003, an innovation start-up incubator. In between times he was also busy
with setting up a national building franchise - Replica Homes and a Real Estate Agency.
Mike is now the Executive Director of Image Centre Group, a multi-channel communications company who also publish
and print.

Mikes presentation will be about business creativity and how in a world of rapid technological development, everything
changes yet stays the same, as well as what creativity really means and how to build the best teams to develop ideas and make them work in practice.

Mike comes with rave reviews about his relevance, story telling and wicked sense of humour.