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Name: Jon Bridges
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Industry: Producer, Writer, Blogger

After a career of 20 years in media, Jon Bridges is currently the producer of the award-winning TV3 comedy programme 7 Days. After earning his Masters degree, Jon escaped Palmerston North and began a TV career, appearing in shows such as Away Laughing (1991), ground-breaking youth programme IceTV (1995-2000) and Would I Lie to You. Bridges has many writing, directing and producing credits to his name leading up to 7 Days.

In a varied media career he has been a regular Listener columnist, a breakfast radio DJ for Channel Z, a blogger for (the very popular 2012-2014 blog We’re Building a House) and has published four books including 2012’s Easy Rider – A Kiwi’s Guide to Cycling and 2014’s No.8 Rewired202 New Zealand Inventions that Changed the World.

Jon is an avid cyclist and lives in Three Kings with his wife Gemma and their boy Zeno.