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Posted by on 16 September 2014 | Comments

The trends have come around to perennial favourites – deep blue reds, the striking tone of black and near black, the soothing restfulness of duck egg blue and greyed blues and the bold pops of orange and yellow to add a touch of upbeat liveliness.
Remember your childhood… that playful streak, your willingness to embrace the new and the joy and wonder in the smallest of things? Embrace your inner child (it’s still in there somewhere!) and be spontaneous, add that bold happy colour you’ve always loved for a touch of fun. Sure it might not last 10 years but the enjoyment you’ll get out of it in even a short period will far outweigh feeling trapped by safe choices. Colours should inspire you, help you feel at home and reflect who you are.
Dusty and smoky, there is a new palette of colours coming through that feel timeless, gently weathered and softened over the passage of time. Easy to live with and coordinate, they’re a sophisticated alternative to cleaner pastels. They bring with them a sense of being more grounded and less airy than the pastels of recent years.
Reds are strong and powerful, with influencing blue tones, such as popular Resene Pohutukawa and Resene Jalapeno.  Fire engine red is not to be ignored with hues such as Resene Havoc.
The bold pops of colour are still popular for a quick hit of uplifting colour and as a useful device for wayfinding, with colours such as Resene Daredevil and Resene Turbo perennial favourites.
Where walls once used to be just a pretty colour, now they are becoming part of the function of the house, particularly in the heart of the home or office where people congregate.
Where once there were rules, guidelines and boundaries, now there is free will, free choice and endless possibilities. The only limit is your imagination.

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