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Design Solutions Network (DSN) is a select group of leading industry experts who have come together to collaborate and turn their attention to creating connections.  DSN is dedicated to creating an environment for thought provoking discussions and supporting like-minded and local individuals involved in the design industry.  

The unique opportunity to work towards realised shared goals over the past twelve months has produced a playground of inspiration; an open space to develop ideas and problem solve. It is through the sharing of topical debates with everyone involved in the design process that real solutions can continue to be cultivated and provided.

As each collaborating company is active within New Zealands business enviroment, DSN as a group has a genuine interest in promoting the New Zealand design industry and providing a positive design impact. DSN believes the enhanced aesthetics of New Zealand designs are a result of quality based products designed for New Zealand markets and supported by highly skilled, talented and passionate people.

DSN events are held bi-monthly as a open space to connect, listen, discuss and be inspired. DSN has been recognised by CPD and NZIA as an educational event which brings current subjects to the forefront and provides a reliable and credible place to explore and provide solutions. With a commitment to visiting regional areas DSN is the definitive event in your calendar. 

It is your community, its your connections and its your design space to evolve, contribute and create.


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